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Safety Shoes

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Buy Safety Shoes online in India at best price and convenience

Safety Shoes are designed to protect the foot against a wide variety of injuries. It is made up of Steel toe which is important in construction industry. It is also an personal protective equipment (PPE) for foot protection at any workplaces. It come in many styles formal or informal. Workers require reliable & durable work shoes for their safety. It can also be made up of composite materials such as aluminum and thermoplastics. They are water, heat, cold, electric, puncture & cut resistance. It contain Double density PU sole. Working environment where the safety shoes are mandatory
  • Handling heavy object & tools might drop on feet prevents safety shoes.
  • Handling pipes, stones, blocks, bricks, rolls etc might roll on feet helps to prevent from injuries.
  • Works involves sharp tools such as steel, glass, metal rod etc, prevent from injuries.
  • Working with live electric wires & cables prevent from shock.

Safety Shoes online shopping product categories available at Buildmatic.in

You can choose from the large collection of Industrial Safety Shoes brands like as Karam safety shoes, Allen Cooper safety shoes, Bata Safety Shoes, Safari pro Industrial safety shoes etc. Shoes are available in normal foot size 6 to 11. Also available in formal Black, Brown & Grey colour as per the requirement.

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